By Nood

Nood Game Changer Lift & Shape Bra Colour No 7

Dhs. 239.00

A ready-to-wear, backless strapless bra that provides lift, shape & support for tatas of ALL sizes (even DDD/G & F bra sizes). Made of breathable sustainable hemp fabric that is sweatproof and waterproof.

5 one time use pairs per pack.

Made in Korea for premium quality.


- Lifts & Supports – Supports, shapes &
dramatically lifts.
- Worry-Free – Breathable, sweat-proof and
- Invisible Comfort – Moves with you like and
invisible under any outfit.
- Inclusive (A – G cups) – Multiple skin tones and
size options.
• Skin Safe – Hypoallergenic and dermatologically
approved .
• Eco-Friendly – Hemp uses 5x less water than


Step 1
Start with a clean chest (no lotions, oils, perfumes), or use included pre-cleanse wipes to clean the chest area. Remove the bottom backing from the side you will begin with.
Step 2
Lift your breast and carefully place the exposed bottom half of the bra just below your breast. Smooth the bra on in an upwards motion while keeping your breast supported with the other hand.
Step 3
Peel off the top layer, while holding your breast up. Pull the top half of the bra up and over the rest of your breast, lifting your breast to your desired height. Then firmly smooth the bra on.
Step 4
Repeat on the other side. It is ok if the tape does not look exactly the same on both sides.
Step 5
To remove, use your favorite oil to help dissolve the adhesive. Start from the bottom, gently peeling upward. Never rip the bra off or peel from dry skin.


97% Hemp, 3% Nylon


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