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Lebon Tongue Scraper

Dhs. 33.00

Stainless steel tongue scraper, golden finish.

Tongue scraping is the process of running a simple tool across your tongue to remove bacteria, food particles, and other debris from the surface.

It’s been around for at least a couple of thousand years. The Romans did it. The Victorians did it. Even George Washington, famous for his dental troubles, did it.

You can get a similar effect if you simply brush your tongue a few times as you brush your teeth but some experts say a dedicated scraping tool is better at removing plaque and bacteria from the tongue’s surface.


The breath is fresh, digestion is facilitated and the nose is decongested.

Considered a ritual and existing for centuries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America, the use of a tongue scraper is full of benefits.

Indeed, it:

- Rids the body of the accumulation of residues that can disturb the balance between body and mind

- Activates the salivary glands responsible for stimulating digestion

- Maintains good digestive hygiene

- Awakens the taste buds and helps stimulate the taste of food

- Boosts the immune system and vital energy

- Maintains good oral hygiene

- Fight against bad breath


Made of stainless steel, Lebon's tongue cleaner is resistant and durable. Very hygienic, it can be sterilized in boiling water without any problem.

U-shaped, it makes it easier to grip and its width allows you to clean the entire tongue well.

A tongue scraper can be used every day, preferably when you wake up, before brushing your teeth. It is recommended to use it only once a day so as not to damage the taste buds.

In case of canker sores, minor cuts, pimples, or irritation, please abstain yourself !

Otherwise, here are the steps to follow :

After standing in front of the mirror, stick out your tongue.

Relax the tongue and face.

Hold the tongue scraper with both hands, and affix the curved part to the back of the tongue.

Once the right placement has been found, firmly and delicately scratch the tongue several times, starting from its base towards its end.

Rinse the tongue scraper between passes.

The passage of the tongue cleaner should not cause discomfort.

Repeat the operation four to eight times as you wish.

Rinse mouth with clean water.

Clean the tongue scraper with warm water and soap after each use.


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